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TokenRequestSpec contains client provided parameters of a token request.

array *

Audiences are the intendend audiences of the token. A recipient of a token must identify themself with an identifier in the list of audiences of the token, and otherwise should reject the token. A token issued for multiple audiences may be used to authenticate against any of the audiences listed but implies a high degree of trust between the target audiences.

boundObjectRef 🔗

BoundObjectRef is a reference to an object that the token will be bound to. The token will only be valid for as long as the bound object exists. NOTE: The API server's TokenReview endpoint will validate the BoundObjectRef, but other audiences may not. Keep ExpirationSeconds small if you want prompt revocation.


ExpirationSeconds is the requested duration of validity of the request. The token issuer may return a token with a different validity duration so a client needs to check the 'expiration' field in a response.

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